Free Press Houston to Host Town Hall Forum on Protecting Marginalized Communities

Free Press Houston will host a town hall forum focused on discussing how marginalized groups can protect themselves and each other given the recent executive measures by Donald Trump. It is our deeply held belief that such marginalized communities as Muslims, the LGBTQIA community, undocumented community, Latinx, African Americans and women are facing a stream of proposed legislation and executive orders that compromise the safety and freedom of these groups and our community.

It is our hope to create an open dialogue within the Greater Houston area where we can meet face-to-face with community leaders/servants as well as learn about resources such as the ACLU, immigration assistance agencies and nonprofit organizations that can work on their behalf. More than anything, we hope to galvanize momentum for regular meet ups and constructive dialogues within and between these groups.

The event will be held February 17 at the El Dorado Ballroom (2310 Elgin St.) at 7PM and will include panelists that represent various communities affected by recent executive orders.

Please Note:
Free Press Houston is respectfully asking that no one from a political party, large or small, come to the event if they intend to recruit on the behalf of that political party. This will be a space for people to discuss and forge ways to receive protection and community assistance from established organizations and not a place to promote a specific political party. The forum is open to anyone and everyone, however we respectfully ask that members of these groups be given the opportunity to speak first and foremost. We also encourage attendees to network yet ask that you not use this forum as a point for recruitment.

Scheduled Panelists:
Ray Hill — Senior Activist
Bryan Parras — Co-Founder of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (TEJAS)
Jace Valcore — Queer Criminologist and Professor of Criminal Justice at UHD
Alexis Melvin — Consultant; Equality and Transgender Rights Activists; Transgender Foundation of America – Member, Board of Directors; Houston Transgender Unity Committee – Chair; Houston GLBT Political Caucus – Member Board of Trustees
Karen Yesenia Martinex — UH Undocumented Grad Student
And more to be announced

Free Press Houston to Host Town Hall Forum on Protecting Marginalized Communities This was reposted for my personal reading use


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