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Beveridge PlaceSeaTac airport is, as one might guess, about halfway between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. So, as you’re leaving the airport, driving north towards downtown Seattle, why not take a slight detour into West Seattle to visit one of the country’s best craft beer bars? At least, that was the thought running through my head as I landed. A Wi-Fi signal to catch up on the 5 hour flight time and an excellent selection of local brew? Sounded like a perfect set-up for happy hour.

Beveridge PlaceI parked in back of Beveridge Place Pub and walked past a community garden redolent of recently legalized plants and grabbed a table in the thunderous silence within. The beheadphoned and laptopped crowd hadn’t quite transitioned to the after-work set as I sidled up to the bar. The aesthetic combined a bit of Central Perk and Cheers, vintage couches and tables for groups, while apparent regulars chatted with bartenders by name. The late afternoon air was already brisk in mid-November Seattle, so the warm hues of the Beveridge Place were inviting. A couple of expansive rooms offer plenty of nooks and secluded corners, so I grabbed a pint and settled down.

Beveridge PlaceFirst up was the Transcend IPA from Heathen Brewing in (the other) Vancouver, about 3 hours south on the border with Oregon. They have similar set up to Lord Hobo, brewing on one side of town, retailing on the other, at their Feral Public House. Proprietor Sunny Parsons also acquired a vineyard late last year, with a view towards building a bucolic sort of Stone World Gardens endeavor. Heathen aims for a “promiscuous” palette, constantly employing new grain bills and hop breeds, and Transcend certainly lives up to its name, with a silky smooth body and just enough hop bite to balance it out.

Beveridge PlaceA shorter trip down the road, Seattle’s Georgetown Brewing offered up a dank Bodhizafa IPA, matching the aroma outside in the garden. Rolled oats soften the texture, and an array of hops including Mosaic to complete the luponic profile. Lastly was a cask of the flagship Landwink IPA from Triplehorn Brewing – a Viking-tinged brewery northwest of the city in Woodinville – another well-balanced IPA dry-hopped with Simcoe.

I still had yet to check into my hotel, so I packed up my computer and started heading downtown. But the cozy Beveridge Place Pub would easily become a neighborhood favorite if I lived nearby, a relaxing interior with a knowledgeable staff that made a great introduction to local brews of the Pacific Northwest.


Post from jack | around

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