Manx-Mex Chronicles: Chapter Five: Fajitas Bonitas

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Tortilla chips and salsa, chili con carne, and fajitas are now typical European bar food. Rare is the English pub that doesn’t serve “nachos.” The influence of Tex-Mex on world cuisine fascinates us here at Texas Eats. So when our correspondent, Julia Walsh, moved to Manchester, England in January 2017, we asked her to chronicle Tex-Mex influences on the local English fare. Here is her latest report:

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The familiar sizzle of a fajita platter made me sigh in contentment as it hit the table.

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The steak fajitas at Chiquito’s were everything I could have asked for – still a bit pink in the middle, with a caramelized layer of onions and peppers beneath. They were served with large flour tortillas and my choice of sides, pico de gallo, mozzarella cheese, and refried beans. The refried beans were a disappointing texture of a half mashed bowl of regular beans and not at all suitable to use as the “glue” for my tacos, but borrowing some of the guacamole from the chimichanga plate fixed that issue.

The resulting taco was a wonderful taste of home and a fine finish to my first Manx-Mex adventure.

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Manx-Mex Chronicles: Chapter Five: Fajitas Bonitas This was reposted for my personal reading use


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